Help Desk

We provide specialized services in the management and solution of incidents related to information technology to increase productivity and the satisfaction of internal and external users.

  • 13 certificated ITIL processes.
  • Monitoring & progress to every service request.
  • Compliance of service & operation levels.
  • Analysis of information about every incident for decision taking, detecting vulnerability & opportunity areas to execute actions in the solution of the present problem & the prevention of potential problems.

Logical & physical security services

We plan and implement security solutions with cutting edge technology, complementing the security spectrum for your company.

  • Web security.
  • App security.
  • Firewalls & systems for prevention & detection of intruders (IDP & IDS).
  • Traffic analysis.
  • Content filter.
  • Data Loss Prevention Antivirus.
  • CCTV Urban Video Surveillance, Video Analytics, Command Center (C2, C3, C4 & C5).
  • Fire detection & extinguisher.
  • Intrusion alarms.
  • Perimeter surveillance systems.
  • Access control.
  • Credentialization.
  • Administration services & automatic process of physical security.
  • Solutions of multiapplication intelligent cards.

Telecommunications & webs

We have extensive experience in this type of project, from architecture & design implementation, legal care, monitoring, maintenance & guarantees. Our projects are key in hand of your financial project.

  • Cable solution certified in copper & fiber.
  • Implementation & integration of different technologies (TDM, Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, VolP).
  • Services of telephone IP, PBX, Multilines.
  • Administration & monitoring (local & remote).
  • Wireless webs LAN/WAN.
  • Design, integration & implementation of web architectures.
  • Evaluation of web performance.

Data Center

These are focused on helping our clients increase the availability of their applications and the integrity of their information, guaranteeing the growth and continuity of their operations.

  • Construction of websites (Data Centers).
  • Optimization of data centers.
  • Networking for data centers.
  • Systems & teams process.

Rental, Sale & Support of Administered Services

We seek to provide appropriate technologies to increase the productivity and satisfaction of internal and external users.

  • Sale, rental & support
  • PC’s
  • Printing
  • Servers
  • Virtualization
  • Light clients
  • Storage
  • Air conditioner


We carry out training, development and research programs to different government agencies and private companies in projects from different verticals such as agribusiness, education and health, to name a few.

  • Politic securirties development.
  • Danger Analysis: vulnerability & penetration studies (Pen Test).
  • Security architectures developments.
  • Security diagnosis.
  • Security information system process.
  • Development of contingency plans & business continuity DRP & BCP.
  • Safe communications process & TI Operations.
  • Security in acquisition, development & information systems maintenance.
  • Safe management of documents.

Software factory

We are specialized in the management, solution and implementation of Software from a functional point of view that complies with the strategic plans of your business.

  • CRM, GRP, ERP development.
  • Apps development.
  • Development systems to the measure.
  • Design & architecture data center.